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Starblast is a rounded to subangular mineral called Staurolite that is mined in Northeast Florida. Starblast is a low dusting abrasive that contains little silica content which makes it ideal for rust, mill scale and coatings removal in applications such as: steel fabrication, bridge, tank, and power plant work. The average particle size ranges from 70-100 mesh. Although Starblast is limited in particle size range, it is a dense media that provides more square footage coverage and less pounds per hour used than competitive media’s. Up to 4x less media used than Sand and up to 2.5x less media used than Slags.

Sizes: Starblast, Starblast XL, Starbalst Ultra, & Coarse Staurolite

MOH’s Hardness: 6.5 to 7.5 Average MOHS

TRUCK LOAD: Contact us at 800.621.2777 for Truck Load Pricing for over 2000lbs - Available in Paper Bags or Super Sacks, 4000lb pallets.