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Garnet is a naturally inert mineral that is very hard and heavy. It is an angular twelve sided crystal that no matter what size it is crushed to, the crystal never has a blunt or worn edge. Garnet contains less than 1% free silica, produces very low dust, and can be recycled 2-4 times on average. Applications are numerous, but due to its hardness and density; which results in increased productivity rates, Garnet is used in many shipyards, power plants, and bridge work. With the rise of wet abrasive blasting, Garnet has become the ideal media of choice today.

Common Sizes: 30/40, 30/60, 30/80, and 80 mesh

MOH’s Hardness: 7.5 - 8.5 Average MOHS

TRUCK LOAD: Contact us at 800.621.2777 for Truck Load Pricing - Available in Paper Bags or Super Sacks, 2200 and 4400lb pallets.