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Crushed Glass is an angular to sub angular media. It is 100% recycled glass which is inert, contains no heavy metals and contains less than 1% free silica. It leaves a bright finish on most any surface. Crush Glass is generally used on surfaces such as Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Stone, Wood and Fiberglass. It is economical and has many great applications. Crushed Glass is used for rust removal, coatings removal, auto body restoration, anti skid, fillers in concrete and many other purposes.

Common Sizes: 10/20, 2030, 4070, and 70/100

MOH’s Hardness: 6.0 Average MOHS

TRUCK LOAD: Contact us at 800.621.2777 for Truck Load Pricing for over 2000lbs - Available in Paper Bags- 2000lb Pallets or 3000lb Super Sacks.