Apollo 600 Low Pressure Respirator w/ DXL Head Suspension



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The Clemco Apollo 600 is a hallmark of safety, comfort, and performance in personal protective equipment. The 600 incorporates the most popular features of the Apollo 60 as well as many feature improvements to make it more comfortable to wear, easier to maintain, and more durable, promising a long service life.
The Apollo HP & LP supplied-air respirator features a double-shell construction, sound-deafening foam, and a large window for excellent vision on the jobsite. An inner fixed lens seals dust and abrasive and up to five lightweight, disposable outer lenses—held in place by a hinged frame—protect the inner lens from pitting. The high visibility red helmet offers excellent protection from rebounding abrasive and from construction-site impact hazards, while the heavy-duty, length-waist cape protects the operator’s neck, shoulders, and chest from rebounding abrasive. An adjustable suspension allows optimum fit and comfort for the operator.


  • Wide, full-view window
  • Lightweight construction
  • nylon carrying strap
  • Allows operator to wear supplementary hearing and primary eye protection.

Approvals and Certification

  • This helmet is NIOSH approved and meets OSHA standards for respiratory protection and noise limitations.