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The Apollo 60 HP & LP supplied-air respirator features a double-shell construction, sound-deafening foam, and a large window for excellent vision on the jobsite. An inner fixed lens seals dust and abrasive and up to five lightweight, disposable outer lenses—held in place by a hinged frame—protect the inner lens from pitting. The high visibility red helmet offers excellent protection from rebounding abrasive and from construction-site impact hazards, while the heavy-duty, length-waist cape protects the operator’s neck, shoulders, and chest from rebounding abrasive. An adjustable suspension allows optimum fit and comfort for the operator.


  • Wide, full-view window
  • Lightweight construction
  • nylon carrying strap
  • Allows operator to wear supplementary hearing and primary eye protection.

Approvals and Certification

  • This helmet is NIOSH approved and meets OSHA standards for respiratory protection and noise limitations.